Automotive Parts Inspection
Automotive Parts Inspection


Rental cars that were returned from the customer had surface defects that needed inspection


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Rental cars returned had defects

  • Automate the inspection for any possible defects on the car returned by the customers.
  • Added ability of the automation to detect for the size and the severity of the defects.
  • Saves time required for the inspection to avoid delaying lending out the cars to other customers.
  • Reduce the overall manual labor required to detect the defects of the returned cars.


Our Automated Cameras+AI Inspection

Our AI Automation Solution enabled the rental company to automate the inspection process entirely via the installation of CCTV camera, which scans the car in real-time to identify any defects. The dashboard attached also revealed the size and graveness of the defects. Simultaneously, the dashboard reported and maintained records of the defects detected.

Detailed surface defects analytics

Our detailed dashboard analytics helped understand in real time the surface defects on the rental cars that were returned by the customers. This made the process easier for the rental company, while maintaining the transperancy of the process.

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